What is a deposition?

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A deposition is a witness’ sworn testimony taken before trial. It’s just one tool attorneys use to help prepare for a case. The purpose of a deposition is to get detailed information that may help in a Kentucky personal injury claim. This means that a deposition can be taken from anyone who may have useful information pertaining to the case.

The person whose deposition is taken is called a deponent. If you have filed a Kentucky personal injury claim then you may be required to provide a deposition. If so, you will able to have an attorney present. This is where an experienced Kentucky personal injury lawyer’s courtroom experience really comes into play to make sure the deposition process is done correctly.

What takes place during a deposition?

During a deposition, your Kentucky personal injury lawyer will be present. So will the opposing side’s representation.

A deposition is taken either by: 

  • video;
  • transcription; or
  • tape recording. 

The deponent will first be placed under oath. The opposing side’s attorney will then be allowed to ask questions pertaining to your case. Your Kentucky personal injury lawyer will also be given the opportunity to object to any questions.

Once the deposition has been completed and typed, both attorneys can use it in support of motions filed in your Kentucky personal injury claim or during trial.

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