Is there a damage cap in Kentucky medical malpractice claims?

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No, there is not a medical malpractice liability cap in Kentucky. Kentucky, unlike many other states, does not impose a limit on the amount of compensation that a claimant may receive for injuries related to medical negligence. This increases the potential compensation you stand to receive in a Kentucky medical malpractice claim.

When a doctor or hospital’s negligence leads to serious injuries, you should not be inhibited from seeking damages to which you are entitled. The absence of a medical malpractice liability cap in Kentucky gives you that chance to receive damages which accurately reflect the full extent of your injuries, medical bills and other losses.

If you’re considering filing a Kentucky medical malpractice claim, you’ll want to talk with a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer.

A Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer can: 

  • determine the strength of your case;
  • determine who may be held liable; and
  • help you build evidence to support your claim.  

A Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer is knowledgeable on medical malpractice laws in Kentucky and will fight on your behalf to maximize your compensation.

If you have been seriously injured because of a healthcare provider’s wrongdoing or negligence, a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer can give you a better idea of your legal options, and help you understand how the lack of a medical malpractice liability cap in Kentucky can affect your claim.

How a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

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