Overview of Plastic Surgeon Errors

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Plastic surgery may be a popular option for changing one’s appearance, but unfortunately, plastic surgeon errors happen more often than you may think. If you have been the victim of a botched plastic surgery, you should immediately consult a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer.

An experienced Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer will gather the necessary medical evidence to prove your medical malpractice claim. In addition, a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer can help determine liability and pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Surgeries That may Result in a Plastic Surgeon Error

Some types of plastic surgery are more problematic when it comes to surgeon error. You’ll want to talk with a plastic surgeon about the risks involved with your particular procedure.

The most common types of plastic surgeries and procedures that lead to a plastic surgeon error include: 

  • breast augmentation;
  • facelift;
  • eyelid lift; and
  • rhinoplasty (nose job).  

For example, after undergoing rhinoplasty, you could experience difficulty breathing.

Consequences of a Plastic Surgeon Error

A plastic surgeon error can be devastating. Injuries can leave permanent scarring or disfigurement. They may also result in health problems and cause an individual to undergo further surgeries in an attempt to correct the first plastic surgeon error.

Additional surgeries can add up to huge financial costs and can cause a victim to suffer physically and emotionally. Many times it’s preventable errors that can completely change the course of an individual’s life.

The most common consequences of a plastic surgeon error include: 

  • internal bleeding;
  • infection;
  • organ penetration;
  • nerve damage;
  • severe asymmetry;
  • excessive removal of skin; or
  • death. 

Severe asymmetry, for instance, can result from breast implants, pectoral implants or eyelid lifts.

Causes of a Plastic Surgeon Error

There are numerous factors which can lead to a plastic surgeon error. Sometimes surgeons are in a rush or are inexperienced. Other errors occur when anesthesia is administered. No matter what the cause, a plastic surgeon error can lead you to seek a Kentucky medical malpractice claim.

Like other healthcare providers, plastic surgeons are required to provide a standard of care that prevents further injury to a patient. If a plastic surgeon’s negligence results in injuries, you can hold them liable for damages.

Contact a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you have sustained injury at the hands of a plastic surgeon, contact a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer immediately. A medical malpractice lawyer will evaluate your case, determine if negligence led to your injuries and help you take the next step in filing your Kentucky medical malpractice claim.

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