Nursing home residents are protected by Federal and Kentucky statutes when they enter into a care facility. It’s important to be aware of your rights, or the rights of an elderly loved one, to prevent nursing home negligence. A nursing home neglect attorney can help assess your case. 

Every nursing home resident in Kentucky has a right to: 

  • Within the first 14 days, the facility must complete a comprehensive assessment which will evaluate your physical and mental condition, and your ability to perform daily tasks like eating, dressing, bathing, and communicating;
  • 7 days after this assessment, the nursing home must facilitate a care plan conference, whereby an individualized care plan is outlined by the home’s staff, and includes how the staff will assist you in your daily needs. The resident and a family member are encouraged to take part in the development;
  • Have your individual needs and preferences accommodated;
  • Dignity and self-determination, as well as communication with people inside and outside the facility;
  • Manage your own finances;
  • The choice to self-administer medications;
  • Freedom from verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse;
  • Your choice of personal physician and being fully informed of your treatment, as well as the right to refuse treatment;
  • Personal privacy in accommodations, medical care, communications, and your medical records must be kept confidential; and
  • When exercising these rights, you’re not to be interfered with, coerced, discriminated against, or suffer any penalties from staff members. 


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