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Families expect nursing homes to provide loved ones with a high level of care, but abuse and neglect can take place in these settings shockingly often. If you or someone you love has suffered abuse in a Hardin County nursing home, contact Gray and White Law. We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal options and help with the next steps. Message us online or call (502) 210-8942 today.

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Nursing home abuse is devastating for victims and their families. A lawyer with experience handling these cases understands the severity of the situation. They will fight for your rights and see that justice is served. An attorney will conduct thorough investigations, gather crucial evidence, and guide you through the legal process, which can be overwhelming and confusing on your own. Additionally, you will have a strong advocate who will ensure your rights are protected and provide you with the emotional support you need during this challenging time.

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Warning Signs

Nursing home abuse can take on various forms:

Physical Abuse 

Hitting, kicking, biting, punching, pinching, improperly restraining, burning, or any other kind of intentional harm.

  • Warning Signs: Unexplained cuts, bruises, marks on wrists or any signs of restraint, fractures, sprains, an over-medicated state, or appearing under-medicated.

Sexual Abuse

Any type of non-consensual sexual contact between a nursing home staff member and a resident.

  • Warning Signs: Bruising, bleeding from the genital area, torn or bloody clothing or undergarments, unexplained genital infections or sexually transmitted diseases, withdrawal, anger, or other emotional changes.

Emotional Abuse 

Emotional or psychological abuse can be inflicted by bullying or harassing residents, prohibiting social activities, teasing or humiliating, not allowing visitors or time with family, and any use of words or actions to threaten or intimidate a resident.

  • Warning Signs: Changes in personality or behavior, withdrawal, depression, nervousness, anxiety, or frequent arguments between the resident and staff.


Neglect can be less obvious and is often harder to prove. The nursing home staff may be intentionally or unintentionally harming the patient.

  • Warning Signs: Deteriorating health, bedsores, drastic weight loss, poor hygiene, malnutrition, dehydration, unexplained injuries, or staff prohibiting visitors.

Financial Exploitation

Manipulating residents for financial gain.

  • Warning Signs: Changes in regular banking habits, sudden and significant withdrawals, abrupt changes to a will or estate plan, or personal possessions disappearing without explanation.

How to Report Nursing Home Abuse in Hardin County

If you believe you are in immediate danger or that a loved one is, call 911 as soon as possible. Otherwise, document each incident of abuse and file a complaint with Adult Protective Services (APS). In addition, you can report it to the Office of the Attorney General’s Abuse Tip Line by calling (877) 228-7384.

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