3 Signs Your Loved One Suffers Financial Elderly Abuse in Kentucky

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One common way that residents in a nursing home can be taken advantage of is through their finances. If you suspect financial elderly abuse in Kentucky, you should seek legal counsel. A Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer will take the time to carefully review the details of your case and determine if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.

Understand that these warning signs might be very subtle in your particular nursing home.  But, if any of these warning signs are present, even a little, it is worth it to put yourself on high alert. 

The 3 signs your loved one suffers from financial elderly abuse in Kentucky: 

  • sudden, unexpected changes in the way their financial affairs are handled;
  • unexplained desire to sell property or engage in other major financial transactions with someone they have not known very long; and
  • money or other valuables are suddenly missing. 

These are just some of the signs. Any sudden changes to a loved one’s finances may be an indication that they have been exploited financially.

There are ways to help prevent financial elderly abuse in Kentucky. However, even when you have done your best, you may find it necessary to consult with a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer. Learn what you can do to protect your loved one’s legal rights

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