Posted on September 9, 2011

Traffic engineers are coming up with different approaches on how to reduce the severity and frequency of pedestrian accidents. If you've been involved in a Louisville pedestrian accident, you'll want to talk to a Louisville accident attorney about pursing a claim for compensation.

There are 3 main ways that engineers have proposed to reduce pedestrian accidents: 

  • Separation - separating pedestrians from drivers by time and space is important to increasing safety and can include measures such as sidewalks, overpasses, medians on busy streets and improved traffic signaling methods that allow for safe pedestrian crossing.
  • Visibility - increasing drivers' visibility of pedestrians is key to preventing accidents and can include measures such as brighter lighting on roadways, diagonal parking and moving bus stops from the near to the far side of intersections.
  • Speed Reduction - because high speeds impact pedestrian injury severity, cities could employ speed-reducing ideas such as speed humps, multi-way stop signs, strict speed enforcement policies, and roundabouts in lieu of stop signs. 

Additionally, there are other proposals that may decrease the severity of a pedestrian accident, such as improved vehicle designs and crash avoidance technologies, such as forward collision warning systems.

Preventing a Louisville pedestrian accident takes the collective efforts of drivers, pedestrians, legislators and engineers.  If you've already been involved in a serious accident, contact a Louisville accident attorney for legal advice and help in making a claim. 

Contacting a Louisville Accident Attorney

Engineers are working hard to develop safety measures that may prevent a Louisville pedestrian accident. A Louisville accident attorney at Gray and White Law can help you handle every aspect of your Louisville accident claim. If you've been injured in Kentucky, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case - 1-888-450-4456 or 1-502-210- 8942.

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