4 Common Physical Deficits of a Brain Injury Caused by a Kentucky Medication Error or Drug Overdose

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If negligence caused a drug overdose or a medication error and you suffered a brain injury, you may be able to hold a medical provider liable. By consulting with a Louisville law firm, you can learn more about your rights and the legal options that could be available. 

Here are 4 common physical deficits of a brain injury caused by a medication error or drug overdose: 

  • weakness of limbs (quadriparesis);
  • lack of coordination (ataxia);
  • disorders impacting movement and motions (rigidity, spasticity and myoclonus); and
  • impairment of familiar physical movements such as using a fork or brushing your hair or teeth (apraxia). 

These are just some of the physical problems that may result from a brain injury. Some of these could result in temporary or permanent disability. They can also lead to expensive medical bills, missed time from work and other losses.

If you or someone you love has experienced a brain injury that was caused by a medication error or a drug overdose in Kentucky, you may be entitled to file a claim. To learn if you qualify for compensation, contact a Louisville law firm as soon as possible. 

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