6 Questions to Ask If Your Mom Is Found on the Floor and Hurt at ARH

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You left Appalachian Regional Healthcare confident that your mother would be safe from further injury until you were able to return to the hospital. While you worried about her medical condition and predictable complications from her illness, injury or surgery, you did not expect that call that told you that she had been hurt after being found on the floor.

This Should Raise Red Flags

There are many reasons why your mom may have fallen and gotten hurt at ARH, and many of those causes could’ve been prevented so that your mother may have been spared the pain and potentially serious complications of a hospital fall.

You can help protect your mother’s rights during this difficult time by asking:

  • What medications your mom was on at the time of the accident.
  • When your mom was discovered on the floor.
  • When your mom was last checked on prior to being discovered on the floor.
  • Who discovered your mom on the floor.
  • What steps were taken to assess your mother’s injuries after her fall.
  • What steps were taken to prevent a future fall.

Take note of the answers because they could all be relevant to your mother’s current safety and to any possible legal claim that your mother has after being hurt at ARH.

Get Your Mom the Help She Needs

Pursuing a claim against Appalachian Regional Healthcare may be important to your mother’s recovery, but you do not have to do it alone. You have enough on your plate as you try and help your mom recover from her serious injuries. For more information about what you can do to help your mom, please read the FREE articles available on our website and contact us directly—we’re standing by to help.