Posted on April 10, 2011

In a report from CNN Health, 9 Alabama deaths at different hospitals across the state were the result of infected IV bags. Additionally, 10 other patients were also infected with what officials believe was bacteria discovered inside the IV bags.

While a medication error can occur at different levels, including with the manufacturer, many of the most common types of IV errors are a result of medical negligence. In fact, most IV errors happen when the medication is prepared and administered.

Some of the types of medical negligence that could lead to an IV error include: 

  • skipping safety steps;
  • rushing to get a patient hooked up to an IV;
  • not verifying the correct medication or dosage; and
  • operating with staff shortages. 

Because these types of IV errors are almost always preventable, if you've been a victim of this form of medical negligence, you may have grounds to file a medication error claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or death because of an IV error that was the result of medical negligence, you should immediately consult with a Louisville medication error lawyer. A lawyer will determine if you have a valid case and will help you to assemble the documentation and evidence that will build a solid claim. 

Contacting a Louisville Medication Error Lawyer

A Louisville medication error lawyer at Gray and White Law can help you handle every aspect of your medication error claim. If you've been injured in Kentucky, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case - 1-888-450-4456 or 502-210-8942.

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