How a Brain Injury Can Impact Your Child’s Friendships

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You have a lot of immediate concerns the minute you hear that your child has suffered a brain injury in your recent accident on the Shawnee Expressway. In those moments, you are likely worried about saving your child’s life, not his social life. However, as your child’s medical condition stabilizes, the situation may change. Now, you may be concerned about your child’s relationships with his peers and you may be wondering how a brain injury could have such a profound impact on his social life.

Researchers Find Children’s Social Lives Impacted by Brain Injuries

Recently, scientists at Brigham Young University found that children who experience brain injuries in specific parts of their brains may have a more difficult time connecting with others and leading healthy social lives—even years after their injuries occurred. While the children may appear healthy on the outside, they may suffer from memory problems, attention problems, or other brain injury-related issues that make it difficult to form and keep relationships. This may make some children who experience brain injuries in car accidents, or other types of accidents, more likely to be loners.

Be Aware and Get Help

We bring this study to your attention not to scare you or add to the list of things that you are worrying about after your Shawnee Expressway accident. Instead, we know that your child’s happiness is very important to you and we bring this study to your attention so that you can discuss it with your child’s doctors and therapists so that, together, you can help your child.

Have you had a child who had difficulty with friendships after a brain injury? What did you do to help? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with other parents who may be facing similar situations.