A Defective Bike Can Result in a Serious Motorcycle Accident in Kentucky

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Not all motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers or bad weather. There have been many cases in which a defective or malfunctioning motorcycle has caused serious bodily harm to the rider. When the motorcycle manufacturer is at fault for releasing a dangerous or defective model, he or she might be held liable for any riders injured due to that flaw.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is one of the main organizations responsible for identifying motorcycle defects and issuing recall notices. When a major flaw is found in a bike model, it often makes national news to raise awareness among those who own that motorcycle.

In recent years, motorcycle recalls have been issued by several manufacturers on numerous models. The range of issues is vast, but the most common ones include:  

  • faulty wiring;
  • improperly installed parts;
  • electronic flaws;
  • defective components; and
  • leaking engine compartments or gas tanks. 

These flaws can cause serious burns or increase the risk of loss of control, resulting in a serious crash. Make sure to maintain your bike maintenance and report any suspicious equipment behavior to a mechanic to reduce your risk of suffering a bike malfunction.

If you become injured in one of the common motorcycle accidents often seen in Kentucky, you may need help from a Lexington personal injury attorney

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