Advice for Kentucky Motorcyclists: Motorcycle Helmet Laws Do Save Lives

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It’s a known fact that protective headgear can make a huge difference during motorcycle accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helmets are estimated to prevent 37 % of fatal injuries for motorcycle operators and 41% of deadly wounds for motorcycle passengers. 

This means that a rider who is not wearing a helmet has a 40% chance of dying from an injury. That’s why most every state has some sort of motorcycle helmet laws

Kentucky’s regulations recognize the value of headgear, but also allow for some exceptions. They enable mature, experienced riders to operate a motorcycle without a helmet. Even so, there are still some groups that feel headgear rules should be banned altogether.

For instance, points out in an article  that helmets can actually injure a rider’s neck if a motorcycle accident takes place. It claims that a helmet’s “weight, shape and composition…all put undue force on the neck.” Based on this information, they conclude that helmets may cause neck fractures, which are serious injuries. 

Despite these opposing arguments, it’s clear that helmets are an important headgear. They defend a rider against brain injuries, which is a leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes.

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