How You Can Help Your Child With Cerebral Palsy Communicate

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toddler using laptop tablet for communicationYou want to know what your child needs, wants, and thinks. Even though he is of an age where other children of the same age are communicating, your child is unable to do so because of his cerebral palsy.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication May Help

Augmentative and alternative communication, sometimes referred to as AAC, includes any type of communication other than typical speech. AAC could include, for example:

  • Sign language
  • Gestures
  • Speech generating devices or voice output communication aids
  • Touchscreen apps on phones, tablets, and other devices
  • Eye-tracking devices
  • Communication boards

An evaluation by a professional, such as a speech and language pathologist, can identify the right types of augmentative and alternative communication for your child. Your child’s age, motor skills, cognitive abilities, vision, and preferences should be considered when choosing the right forms of augmentative and alternative communication strategies and devices. Over time, your child’s needs may change, and different strategies and devices may be useful.

Paying for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Your child’s health insurance and government resources may not include the augmentative and alternative communication devices and education he needs. However, if he has cerebral palsy because a doctor or hospital was negligent, AAC devices and training may be part of your child’s financial compensation.

Communication is an essential part of your child’s quality of life. It is critical to find a way for your child to communicate comfortably and effectively. As you take the necessary steps to allow your child to communicate, we can take the necessary steps to help you pay for AAC and for all of your child’s other needs.

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