According to witnesses, it was a terrifying scene when they observed a church bus full of young children crash into a public bus. The wreck occurred just before noon on Nicholasville Road near New Circle in Lexington, Kentucky. Five people were injured and rushed to the hospital. A witness observed the public bus had stopped to drop off and pick up passengers, which was when the church bus with nearly fifty passengers, going home from Sunday school, came from behind and smashed into it.

Three people on the public bus, including an infant, were taken to the hospital with what emergency officials described as minor injuries. Firefighters attended to injuries from the church bus that were also considered non-life-threatening. According to police, the driver of the church bus didn't react in time when the bus made its regular stop.

In addition to the safety of the passengers, fluids spilled and covered three-quarters of the road, which became a significant concern, as well. While firefighters worked to contain the spill, church officials contacted parents, some of whom chose to pick up their children. But, for the most part, the children themselves seemed to take the bus crash well as they happily hopped on board another bus, leaving the grownups grateful that things weren't any worse.

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