Should Kentucky Hospitals Study Near-Miss Medical Malpractice Cases?

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It may not be easy to document every error that almost happens in a hospital. However, some experts, such as Paula Holbrook, associate director of risk management and clinical risk manager for the University of Kentucky Healthcare’s A.B. Chandler Medical Center, believe that it is important to do just that.

The University of Kentucky Health care’s A.B. Chandler Medical Center is reportedly using a system known as Common Formats to keep track of mistakes and analyze why they occurred, to prevent future instances of medical malpractice. According to news reports, Common Formats allows the 600-bed hospital to enter data such as a near miss, an unsafe condition, or an incident that resulted in patient harm and then analyze why the particular event occurred so that meaningful changes can be made and future injuries can be prevented.

Other hospitals are also participating in this data collection that is done in such a way, to protect the privacy of patients. The information may be considered at the facility level, or broader information may be analyzed across many facilities in many states so that hospitals around the nation can benefit from the data and avoid future incidents of medical malpractice.

Our Kentucky medical malpractice lawyers hope that the information gathered is helpful in preventing future medical malpractice injuries in our state and around the country. We encourage anyone who has been injured by medical malpractice in a Kentucky hospital to contact us today at 800.634.8767 or 502.210.8942 for more information about your rights and possible recovery.