Common Causes of a Medical Radiation Error in Louisville

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Burns, illness, hair loss and death are just some of the consequences of a medical radiation error. It can be difficult to grasp how radiation treatment or imaging tests could lead to such dire consequences. For help with your case and to learn if you are entitled to pursue a claim, Louisville medication error attorneys should be contacted.

A radiation mistake can happen with CT scans, x-rays or treatment. No matter what the source, there are some common causes that may be the result of doctor negligence.

Here are some of the common causes of a medical radiation error in Louisville: 

  • defective equipment;
  • unnecessary tests or treatment;
  • faulty calculation on dosage;
  • improper repairs of equipment;
  • improperly documented treatment;
  • unverified dosage;
  • software glitches;
  • lack of training;
  • failure to monitor patient; and
  • inadequate staffing. 

These are mostly preventable mistakes that could result in serious consequences. Those who may be held liable include a doctor, radiologist, dentist, hospital or any other medical provider who acted in a negligent manner.

The dangers of a medical radiation error can be significant for a patient. Louisville medication error attorneys may be able to help if you believe that you or a loved one suffered severe or fatal injuries as a result of medical negligence. 

Contacting Louisville Medication Error Attorneys

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