Compensation for Wrongful Death in a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Claim

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The trauma of losing someone you love is amplified when it was the result of medical malpractice. When negligence of a doctor, nurse or any other healthcare provider in Kentucky was the cause of your family member’s wrongful death, you may be able to hold them liable.

Here are some of the types of compensation that may be available for a wrongful death in a medical malpractice claim: 

  • burial and funeral expenses;
  • expenses resulting from medical care, treatment and hospitalization;
  • pain and suffering;
  • loss of companionship;
  • lost earnings (including potential future income);
  • loss of medical benefits (401k plan, pension, etc.);
  • loss of services (childcare, household maintenance or chores, etc.); and
  • other damages. 

No amount of compensation can make up for the loss of life. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that when someone you love was the victim of wrongful death, you may be entitled to damages.

Each state has its own laws when it comes to wrongful death caused by medical malpractice. Seeking legal counsel is the best way to learn what your rights are and how the laws of Kentuckywill impact your case.

Contacting a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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