Complications of Internal Bleeding after a Car Accident in Louisville, Kentucky

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Internal bleeding can be a serious, life-threatening injury sustained in a car accident in Louisville, Kentucky. To learn if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing, you should consult a Louisville auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

Internal bleeding can be difficult to detect. Not only are there risks of hemorrhaging, but there also are other complications.

Shock is one complication that can result when oxygen necessary for the body’s cells is compromised. This occurs when there is uncontrollable bleeding in the abdomen or chest.

If brain tissue becomes damaged due to internal bleeding, the victim can suffer symptoms similar to a stroke. Other complications include coma and organ failure. Furthermore, if the bleeding cannot be stopped, it may lead to death.

This type of injury often results in a lengthy hospital stay and surgery. These expenses may be recoverable if another party is found liable for your car accident.

When a car accident in Louisville, Kentucky leads to internal bleeding, you may be compensated for your medical expenses and other losses if it was caused by someone else’s negligence. Contact a Louisville auto accident attorney to learn what your legal rights are and how to pursue a claim.

Contacting a Louisville Auto Accident Attorney

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