Continuing Care Retirement Communities—Future Trend, Kentucky?

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When you know that your elderly mother cannot live in her own home in Kentucky any longer, do you try to find her a retirement home, an assisted-living facility, or a nursing home? How about all of the above? 

Consider a continuing care retirement community (CCRC): a single community into which your mother can move today and live independently in her own house, apartment, or condo. When she begins to need more help, she moves to another building, designed for assisted living. Eventually, when she needs constant care and supervision, she moves into another building, which is the nursing home. 

One community, stability, familiarity…can aging get any more graceful than this?

Choose Your Contract

According to AARP, CCRCs offer three contract options:

  1. Life Care or Extended Contract. With this, the most expensive contract, the resident receives unlimited assisted living, medical treatment, and skilled nursing care.
  2. Modified Contract. This contract provides specific services for a set period, after which other services may be added for higher monthly charges.
  3. Fee-for-Service Contract. Although this contract may require a lower enrollment fee, assisted living and skilled nursing must be purchased at market rates.

How Much?

Okay, CCRCs are not cheap. They require huge entrance fees, ranging from $100,000 to, yes, $1 million. This money prepays for care and contributes to the community’s operational expenses. 

Then, there are the monthly charges—we’re talking $3,000 to $5,000 at the start. Charges will increase as the resident’s needs increase. Some services may require additional charges, such as meal service, housekeeping, transportation, and activities. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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