CVS Pharmacy Sued for Second Time in One Week

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A neighborhood CVS pharmacy was sued two times during one week for having improperly filled and dispensed the wrong medication to its customers. The CVS drugstore allegedly gave an elderly woman recovering from a recent surgery, and on several medications, a powerful and dangerous anticonvulsant medication in error – as she was not prescribed it. As a result of the prescription error, the senior citizen suffered severe side effects and symptoms and, unfortunately, the woman’s surgery and health recuperation was temporarily halted.

In the previous lawsuit, the CVS pharmacy allegedly dispensed to a customer in a negligent manner the wrong type of blood pressure medication, that is, one that lowers her blood pressure although her physician prescribed medication to raise her abnormally low blood pressure.

These prescription errors are cause for concern as the same pharmacy committed medication errors within a period of four months, and the plaintiffs in each of the lawsuits required medical attention as a result of the pharmacy’s medication mistakes.

We hope that the victims of the prescription errors recover quickly and completely. Further, we encourage everyone to check their prescriptions carefully and to ask their pharmacists questions, regardless of where you have them filled, but especially if the pharmacy has a history of making mistakes. According to nationwide research, prescription errors are made in as many as 10% of all prescriptions that are filled in our country. These statistics include incidents relating to both the wrong medication or the wrong dosage dispensed.

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