How to Determine Future Damages in a Kentucky Delay in Treatment Claim

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Kentucky Delay in Treatment ClaimYour injury was avoidable. You didn’t suffer permanent injuries because of your medical condition or because the hospital had an influx of patients with more critical conditions than yours. Instead, a lack of hospital staff, tired hospital workers, lack of staff training, or the failure to follow hospital procedures caused a dangerous delay in your medical care, and as a result, you suffered a permanent injury. When seeking compensation for damages, that’s what leads to a Kentucky delay in treatment claim.

You Deserve Fair Financial Compensation for Your Kentucky Delay in Treatment Claim

A fair financial recovery includes not only compensation for the medical bills, lost income, physical pain, and emotional suffering you’ve already endured and can easily prove in court. It also includes compensation for the medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering you are likely to experience in the future.

Future losses are often difficult to value in a Kentucky delay in treatment claim. However, the right evidence may convince an insurance company or court of the value of damages that haven’t happened yet. This evidence may include:

  • Medical records to show the extent of your injuries and the likelihood of recovery
  • Job history and education to show your likely career path
  • Expert testimony from medical professionals, life care specialists, economists, and others who can testify about your future damages
  • Testimony from you, family members, and close friends about how your injury has changed your life and your personal relationships

Your lawyer will use all of this information to estimate your future damages and identify a fair settlement. If a fair settlement can’t be reached with the hospital’s insurer, our experienced Kentucky medical malpractice attorneys won’t hesitate to go to court.

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