Can Difficult Residents Really Fall Victim to a Nursing Home Wrongful Eviction in Kentucky?

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nursing home wrongful eviction in KentuckySome people are not easy to get along with. They might be confrontational, stubborn, or just plain mean. That doesn’t change when someone enters a nursing home. However, nursing homes are responsible for caring for the difficult residents just as they do the easy-going residents. Find out how our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys may be able to help your loved one if they’ve fallen victim to a nursing home wrongful eviction.

What Makes a Nursing Home Resident Difficult?

A resident may exhibit challenging behaviors for many reasons, including:

  • Dementia or another medical condition
  • Medication changes
  • Depression
  • Frustration because essential needs are not met
  • Having a challenging personality before entering a nursing home that continues during nursing home care

Nursing homes may want to discharge a difficult resident and fill the space with a resident who is not as demanding. However, none of the reasons described above justify a nursing home evicting a resident.

Nursing Home Wrongful Eviction in Kentucky: Involuntary Discharges

Residents may suffer significantly because of nursing home wrongful eviction discharges. They may lose their friends and familiar caregivers and have difficulty transitioning to a new facility. During a move, your loved one may suffer from a change in diet, medication regime, and anxiety. Accordingly, nursing homes may not discharge residents because they find them difficult to manage.

However, there are other reasons why a nursing home may discharge a  resident. Homes may discharge patients who are a danger to staff or other residents or whose needs can’t be met at the facility, and they may try to use this as a defense for wrongfully discharging difficult residents.

Typically, nursing homes must follow specific steps before discharging a resident, including:

  • Providing written notice at least 30 days before discharge
  • Allowing residents to challenge the discharge

Our Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Are Here to Help

If your loved one is threatened with discharge or has been a victim of a nursing home wrongful eviction, we encourage you to find out more about your loved one’s rights. Our experienced Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys will find out exactly why the nursing home is seeking to discharge your loved one, and we will make sure that your loved one’s rights are protected.

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