Effects of a Medical Radiation Error in Kentucky

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Radiation can become extremely dangerous and poisonous when a patient is exposed unnecessarily or for a long period of time. This type of medical radiation error may lead to the filing of a claim against the responsible healthcare provider. To learn who may be held liable and what legal options may be available, you should consult with Louisville medication error attorneys.

Overexposure or other types of mistakes when receiving radiation can be harmful. This can occur with medical imaging tests and through radiation treatment. 

Some of the effects of a medical radiation error may include: 

  • radiation-induced cancer;
  • cataracts;
  • internal burns;
  • skin reddening;
  • tissue damage;
  • damaged organs;
  • brain damage;
  • other types of severe illness; and
  • death. 

Medical negligence that results in these types of serious consequences could lead to compensation. You may be able to recover money for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and more.

A medical radiation error can be dangerous for any patient. For help with your claim and to learn how you can protect your rights, your next step should be to consult Louisville medication error attorneys.

Contacting Louisville Medication Error Attorneys

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