Pharmacy Mix-Up Pregnant Woman to Lose Her Unborn Child?

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A six weeks pregnant woman faces the possibility of a fatal tragedy relating to her unborn baby following her visit with a local neighborhood pharmacy to pick up antibiotics, as prescribed by her doctor, due to a serious prescription medication drug error by the pharmacist who gave her an abortion drug by mistake.

Like many of us who trust that the pharmacy is filling our prescription drugs correctly, in medication dosage and prescription labeling, the pregnant woman took the drug she was given by the pharmacist because she thought it was the medicine meant for. But, the local supermarket pharmacy gave her the prescription of methotrexate, which is for use in chemotherapy to treat cancer and to terminate early-stage pregnancies, instead of an antibiotic for her pregnancy.

After taking the prescription drug, Mareena Silva, the pregnant patient, felt very sick and nauseated. Thereafter, Ms. Silva examined the bottle and saw that it wasn’t her name. Instead, the prescription drug medicine of methotrexate was intended for a 59-year old woman with the exact same last name as Silva’s and a similar first name. The victim contacted her doctor, who instructed her to immediately try and make herself vomit to see if she could get the medicine to come back up and out of her system. The pregnant woman was then rushed to hospital medical center where they gave her charcoal to absorb the drug.

A spokesperson for the supermarket admitted that its pharmacy mixed up the prescriptions, and stated that its first concern is the health of patients. Reportedly, upon learning of the medication mistake, the pharmacist worked with the patient and her physicians to minimize any possible health consequences to the pregnant patient and her unborn child. Although the pharmacy expressed concern for the victim and declared it was conducting a full and complete investigation, the pregnant woman is not satisfied with the pharmacy and is concerned that her first child, if born, will have deformities or other injuries due to the prescription drug mix up and may sue the pharmacy for her child’s permanent injuries, if any, or wrongful death.

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