You know that something is wrong with your child. He was fine when you brought him home from the hospital, but in the last few months he seems to have trouble picking his head up…and he doesn’t seem to be able to roll over. What does this mean? 

It is possible that your child suffered cerebral palsy during delivery, and it could have been caused by medical negligence. Here are a few physical symptoms of cerebral palsy in young children:

Babies younger than six months may:

  • Feel stiff in the arms and legs
  • Tilt their heads back when picked up
  • Have floppy limbs
  • Overextend their back and neck when they are held, as if they are pushing away from you
  • Cross or scissor their legs when picked up or held

Babies older than six months may:

  • Have trouble rolling over in either direction
  • Be unable to bring their hands together
  • Be unable to bring their hands to their mouth
  • Reach out with only one hand, keeping the other in a fist

Babies older than ten months may:

  • Use only one side of their bodies to move (crawling on one side while dragging the opposite hand and leg)
  • Refuse to crawl (scooting on the floor on their backside or shuffling on their knees instead) 

There are a number of treatments available for your child’s cerebral palsy; however, these are often lengthy and expensive, and can put a considerable financial strain on your family. The attorneys at Gray and White can help you get payment for your child’s birth injury and compensation for his future treatment. Call us today at (800) 634-8767 or click the contact link on this page to get started on your FREE consultation.

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