June 2021

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Matthew White and Mark Gray Named to 2020 LawDragon Top 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers List

It’s true what they say, hard work really does pay off. Congratulations to both Matthew White and Mark Gray for being named to the 2020 LawDragon Top 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers list. Each and every member of the 2020 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer…

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Featured Article From USA Today

“Many of our clients have suffered severe injuries that often require them to be dependent on a wheelchair for their day to day mobility. The importance of their wheelchair cannot be overstated but is often overlooked.    The recent article below brings this important issue front and…

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Louisville Birth Injury Attorney Details the Early Warning Signs of Cerebral Palsy

Warning signs of cerebral palsy are often not apparent in your child’s first few days. Even if your child had cerebral palsy at birth, you might not know about it until months or years later, and that’s okay. However, as a parent, you want to…

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Three Risks to Watch for as Nursing Homes Lift Pandemic Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic made life in nursing homes very difficult. In 2020, the novel coronavirus caused 14,874 positive infections among Kentucky nursing home residents, 1,853 nursing home resident deaths, 10,775 positive infections among nursing home staff members, and nine nursing home staff member deaths. In…

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