How to Keep Kentucky Nursing Home Residents From Hurting Each Other

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Although we generally think of Kentucky nursing home abuse as an abuse of a resident by a caregiver, residents often abuse each other. How can this be prevented?

  • Each resident’s door can be kept locked from the inside. Given that perhaps 80 to 90 percent of residents have some level of dementia, how long would this keep them safe?
  • Each resident should have a caregiver who is assigned to him or her only and makes sure that the resident remains safe and doesn’t harm others. OK, that’s not going to happen. Imagine the cost—and who would pay? Besides, even nursing home residents need some privacy.
  • Each resident could have a portable “call button” that can be activated if the resident is in danger. That’s a possibility—if it could be affixed to the resident in such a way that it is accessible but doesn’t provide discomfort or a hazard for the resident. And then there’s the likelihood that staff members would be called unnecessarily. Hmmmm….
  • There could be a comprehensive screening of residents before they move into the nursing home to determine whether they are a danger to others or a potential victim. This is what should be happening. A thorough background check of each potential resident will reveal if he or she has a history of violent behavior or of being a victim of violence; may possibly be violent or vulnerable, given his or her current state of health; and other information that may predict future behavior.

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