How to Prepare for Another Hospitalization After Your Child Suffers a Birth Injury

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You left the comfort of your own home to give birth at Jewish Hospital so that you could give your child the best possible start. You wanted your baby to be delivered safely. Unfortunately, a doctor’s mistake prevented that from happening and instead your child suffered a significant birth injury. Now you are being advised that your child should go back into the hospital for surgery or treatment.

The Thought Is Probably Terrifying

How are you supposed to trust the doctors and hospital staff now? You may know that your child needs the treatment or surgery to improve his or her health, but the thought of returning your child to any hospital is probably frightening.

You didn’t cause your child’s birth injury, nor did you fail your child in any way during labor and delivery. That said, you may be more comfortable about an upcoming hospitalization if you:

  • Ask a lot of questions before your child goes to the hospital and when your child is there. This may make you more confident in your child’s care.
  • Get to know the doctors who will be involved in your child’s care before your child enters the hospital. Also, get to know the nurses once your child is admitted.
  • Make sure your trusted pediatrician has privileges at the hospital, is overseeing your child’s care, and/or recommends the surgeons or other doctors performing your child’s treatment.

You may also benefit from having your spouse, relative or trusted friend with you when your child is in the hospital.

You Can Do This

This is one of the consequences of birth injuries that people often don’t anticipate. You can continue getting your child the best treatment. If you have any other questions about how to protect your child’s recovery then we encourage you to contact us via the chat now button on this website and to download our free report Family First: How to Get the Help You Need After a Birth Injury to Your Child Happens in Kentucky.

We wish you and your child the best of luck with any future hospitalizations.

Has Your Family Been Impacted by a Birth Injury?

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