Huge Water Main Break in Louisville, Tens of Thousands Without Water or Pressure

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Louisville, Kentucky. Beginning Monday night, a boil-water advisory is in effect for Kentucky’s largest city due to a massive water main break that left 75,000 without running (or safe) water, resulting in major interference with residential homes and families, and significantly affecting hospitals & businesses within and around a sizable geographic area within the City of Louisville. According to Louisville Water Company spokesperson, the 48-inch main broke this evening and crews are trying to isolate the break and to repair it. The company issued a boil-water advisory for customers within the boundaries of Ohio River (northern boundary), Watterson Expressway (southern boundary), 9th Street (western boundary), and Baxter Avenue & Bardstown Road (eastern boundary); residents within the described boundaries are strongly urged to boil their water before using. The Louisville Water Company also warns that any person outside the boundaries who also experienced low or no water pressure during the break earlier this evening should also boil their water before use.

According to reports, the rupture flooded an area about the size of a city block by the university. The water main break occurred around 6:20 p.m. Monday night and flooded athletic fields on the campus of University of Louisville’s (“UofL”). Reportedly, firefighters waded through knee deep water to rescue students and children who were at the time participating in athletic camps.

Reports issued by the water company officials describes the water main rupture situation by comparing the water break to “bursting a vein close to your heart.”
Late Monday, it was still unclear what caused the break. The President of Louisville Water Company, Greg Heitzman, guessed or speculated that the burst happened where two lines form a “T” by or near Floyd and Eastern Parkway, City of Louisville. Mr. Heitzman stated that the infrastructure could be “old.”

The Louisville Water Company has reported that water service is disrupted from downtown – to Old Louisville – to the Highlands – and Audubon Park. In these areas, water is completely out or the water pressure is significantly reduced.  As far as hospitals in the area that may affected, according to reports by WDRB the hospitals  affected and/or experience low pressure thus far include Kosair Children’s Hospital, Audubon Hospital, University Hospital, and Norton Hospital. According to a Norton Hospital spokesperson, Norton’s entire downtown medical campus is affected.

Already, stores located in surrounding areas to the affected hospitals have sold out of bottled water. While the water company has announced its boil-water advisory, Louisville Water Company has not yet provided information as to any possible and/or known harm(s) that could potentially be experienced by, or occur to, a person or animal who may have unknowingly (or, prior to the company’s announcement concerning is boil-water warning or advisory) used the affected water at issue without boiling the water beforehand. While the water company informed the news and the public as to its boil-water advisory with an emphasis to those within the above described boundaries, the company has not yet issued a statement or description to inform affected residents and businessowners as to: (i) any possible contaminants in the affected water, (ii) types of illness and/or injury, if any, that may result from use, ingestion, or other contact with affected and unboiled water, (iii) types of or identifiable symptoms to be mindful of in case an elder, child, or pet uses or is otherwise exposed to affected and unboiled water, and (iv) availability of, or helpful suggestions relating to, treatment for persons or animals affected by the water at issue, especially in the case of infants, young children, pregnant and/or nursing women, elders, and residents who may currently be in a state of physiological health that is particularly vulnerable or susceptible.

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