If your loved one has suffered injuries as the result of nursing home abuse, you may be eligible to file a Kentucky nursing home abuse claim. By consulting with an attorney, you stand a much better chance of protecting your loved one's legal rights.

A Kentucky nursing home abuse claim may help you to recover damages for the injuries your loved one has received. Injuries that have required medical care and treatment can be costly. In addition, if your loved one has suffered psychologically, you may be able to recover damages related to their pain and suffering or emotional distress.

The injuries that can result from being struck or kicked can be so severe that a victim may suffer from broken bones. When an elderly person suffers a fracture, the healing process can be extremely difficult.

If a victim is suffering from nursing home abuse because of physical restraints used over a long period of time, muscle atrophy can result.

Another form of physical abuse in a nursing home includes the misuse of medication. If a patient is undermedicated, it may cause unnecessary pain or a rapid progression of their medical condition. If the patient is overmedicated, this can lead to a dangerous overdose or bring on additional medical problems.

When you believe your loved one has suffered from physical abuse in a Kentucky nursing home, talking to a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney can help you to better understand your rights and the rights of your injured loved one. 

Contacting a Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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