While there are many factors that should go into the decision of choosing Kentucky nursing home care for your loved one, there is one that you may not be aware of. That is the difference between a non-profit facility and a for-profit facility.

If your loved one has suffered because of poor nursing home care in Kentucky, a nursing home abuse attorney may be able to help. Whether it is a case of neglect or abuse, you may be able to file a claim against the facility and/or caregiver.

The quality of care that your family member will receive may be impacted by whether they are in a non-profit or for-profit nursing home. In many cases, non-profit facilities provide better care and services.

For-profit nursing homes tend to have fewer resources available to the residents, which lead to a lag in the quality of care. This includes low staffing and higher incidences of circumstances that could lead to the harm of a resident.

In the past, research has found that non-profit nursing homes provide a better standard of care. But even then, it cannot be taken for granted that your family member is in the best nursing home for them. There are other considerations to be made when trying to find the right Kentucky nursing home for your loved one. 

Contacting a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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