Let’s Think—and Marvel—About the Human Brain, Kentucky

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Scientists in Kentucky and elsewhere have compared the human brain to a computer, but it’s so much more. Computers, in general, cannot learn. As the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

This complex organ inspires awe even in surgeons, many of whom have actually touched or held a brain. Just thinking about how it does what it does can make one realize how little we know.

Consider: The brain controls

  • autonomic functions, such as breathing.
  • movement.
  • learning.
  • imagination.

This marvelous organ allows us to do so many diverse things:

  • We have a thought, and we can immediately share that thought with someone else through speech.
  • We learn to play musical instruments, such as a piano: reading a melody line with four notes in a chord, using our fingers to translate those symbols on the sheet music, using our foot with the pedals to vary the sound.
  • We can run, pumping our arms in opposition to our legs, leaping over hurdles.
  • We can learn to speak in more than one language, which means we are also thinking in more than one language.
  • We can make a meal, coordinating the preparation of three or four items, perhaps consulting a recipe, using our previous experience with the flavors of ingredients to increase or decrease amounts, maybe adding a spice that is not in the recipe but makes the final dish exquisite.

Yep, the brain is astonishingly intricate in its myriad functions. Will we ever truly understand how it works? Given the potential of the human brain, it’s quite likely.

Because the brain is the master conductor of human life, an injury to it can ruin a life. If your loved one suffered a brain injury in Kentucky because of the actions of someone else, call Gray and White Law at 502-210-8942 or toll free at 888-450-4456 to set up a FREE, no-obligation consultation.