Liability for Injury Caused by Louisville Nursing Home Resident

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If you have a loved one in a Kentucky nursing home, abuse is probably something that you have thought about. You researched the nursing home, you have come to know the staff, and you regularly check in with your loved one in order to make sure that your loved one is not going to be the victim of abuse by nursing home staff. 

You may be stunned to find out that your loved one has been injured, not by nursing home staff, but by another resident. Does your loved one have any recourse? Who is going to pay the medical bills? Who is going to be held responsible for the emotional injuries and other costs related to what happened? 

The Other Resident and the Nursing Home May Be Responsible 

Determining who is responsible for your loved one’s nursing home injury is highly dependent on what happened. In some cases, the resident who injured your loved one may be legally responsible. In some cases, the nursing home might be responsible, particularly if the nursing home knew of the other resident’s tendency for violence and failed to provide adequate protection for your loved one. Finally, in some cases liability may rest with both the other resident and the nursing home. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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