Louisville Nursing Home Abuse: Failure to Recognize the Symptoms of Oral Cancer

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Oral health is a serious concern for many elderly people living in nursing homes. As people get older, they are more susceptible to dental conditions that if left untreated by nursing home staff, can become worse. If a nursing home employee fails to notice or alert a supervisor of a resident who is suffering with a dental issue, this could be considered nursing home abuse.  

One oral health issue many older Americans are dealing with is that of oral cancer. Years of smoking or other pre-existing conditions can cause a person to be a victim. Fortunately, it may be treated if the signs are recognized in time. 

Signs and symptoms can vary, but they may include white and/or red patches or sores appearing inside and around the mouth. Other potential symptoms of oral cancer of which patients should be aware are trouble swallowing, bleeding gums and, as strange as it may sound, earaches. What’s more, some individuals may notice lumps around the back of their neck. 

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