NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit) malpractice

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The neonatal intensive care unit also known as the the NICU can be a life saving place for your new born baby. The NICU can also be a very dangerous place for infants as well. Nurses that work in the NICU or any intensive care unit of the hospital must be highly trained and be extra vigilant in watching over their new born patients to ensure that procedures and protocols are followed. Proper monitoring, proper medication administration, and overall heightened awareness are key in the NICU. Without proper training or careful attention mistakes can and will happen. Medical malpractice or nursing negligence in the NICU can have deviating consequences. Our firm has successfully handled many cases involving the nursing care at NICU’s. In Louisville, Norton Suburban Hospital, Baptist Hospital East and other Louisville hospitals that delivery babies have their own NICU’s but generally most infants are transferred to Norton’s Kosair Children’s hospital if they remain in the NICU for any extended period of time.

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