Could Your Loved One’s Hip Fracture and Death Have Been Prevented? Why You Need to Know

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The end result is the same—your loved one has died whether or not her hip fracture could have been prevented in her Warren, Shelby, Louisville or other Kentucky nursing home. It may seem strange to now consider whether her hip fracture and resulting death could have been prevented.

But it Is Important

As painful as it is to think about your mother dying because of someone else’s negligence or abuse, it is important to your family and to others. You need to know if your mother’s hip injury and death could have been prevented because:

  • It could be relevant to the health of other family members. If your mother suffered from a condition that could affect other family members then you need to know that so that you, and your relatives can talk to your doctors.
  • It could be important to other nursing home residents. You may help protect others from nursing home and abuse.
  • It could be relevant to your family’s recovery. You may be able to recover damages if nursing home abuse or neglect caused your mother’s death.

You need to know because you and your family deserve to know the truth.           

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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