Not all nursing home workers mean to do harm to residents. Actually, we would venture to guess that many nursing home workers want to do what’s best for each individual resident—otherwise they would have gone into an easier line of work.

Yet, Many Nursing Home Workers Can’t Adequately Care for Residents

Here’s why: they simply aren’t given the time and the tools to do their jobs appropriately. More specifically, some nursing homes in Louisville, Deer Park, and the surrounding areas fail to hire enough doctors, nurses, aides, and other staff to adequately care for their residents. The staff that are there are overworked and don’t have enough hours in the day to develop and/or implement the care plans that are required for the nursing home residents.

This May Not Be the Fault of a Staff Member, but it May Be Negligence

You, and your loved one, may have developed a relationship with an individual staff member. You may value the care that the staff member tried to provide to your loved one while trying to do a job that simply couldn’t be done given the resources available. That could make the owners or managers of the nursing home negligent and liable for your loved one’s death.

If you have lost a loved one because a Louisville area nursing home was trying to maximize its profit by hiring as few staff as possible, then you deserve to know more about your legal rights and about how to hold the nursing home accountable for the negligent decisions it made. Please browse our free nursing home videos and please contact us via this website to learn more.


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