Parents Can Prevent Medication Errors in the Home

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Medication errors affecting children may be more common than you think. Understanding how they occur, and how to prevent them may help your child remain safe and healthy.  

In hospitals, powerful medications may be toxic if not administered in the proper dosages. It is important that parents understand how height and weight may affect the dosages of certain medications. 

At home, parents may do several things to ensure that their children are not the victim of medication errors, including: 

  • not exceeding recommended dosages for children;
  • using a measuring device like a dosing cup or spoon— kitchen spoons are not accurate;
  • checking for active ingredients— do not give children more than one medication with the same one; and
  • not using medicines if you cannot understand the dosing instructions.

When it comes to prescription medications from a doctor, it becomes even more important to follow the instructions. Antibiotics are powerful weapons against illness, and it is important to remember to use all of the medication even if your child is feeling better. 

What to Do if Your Child Is a Victim of Medication Errors 

Incorrect dosages or a missed diagnosis from a doctor may lead to medication errors that can have dangerous implications for your child. A Jefferson County medical negligence lawyer from the Gray and White Law Firm can help if your child is a victim of someone else’s negligence. Call today with your questions at 502-210-8942 or 888-450-4456.