New Blood Test Could Help Diagnose and Treat Sepsis Faster and More Successfully

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Lab technician with vials of blood samples sepsis testingPeople with sepsis infections don’t have a lot of time to wait for medical tests. They need treatment quickly to potentially prevent serious complications and death. The results of a new study published in October 2019 may benefit people who seek medical treatment for certain bacterial infections that cause sepsis.

The study, Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating Clinical Impact of RAPid Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing for Gram-Negative Bacteremia, is the largest study done so far to determine how rapid blood test results impact the treatment of people with Gram-negative bacilli bloodstream infections.

Rapid Test to Find the Right Antibiotic

Now, when people who may have sepsis come to the hospital, they are treated with a standard or broad-spectrum antibiotic. This antibiotic may or may not treat the actual infection. However, current testing takes days to determine which bacteria is causing the infection and whether it may be resistant to certain antibiotics. Therefore, broad-spectrum antibiotics are the only option until the specific bacteria type is identified, and more precise antibiotics can be administered.

The new test may shorten the wait for accurate identification of bacteria from days to just hours. A patient could, therefore, receive the right antibiotic for her specific infection days earlier than she can currently, which may improve her recovery and decrease her suffering.

Sepsis Requires Immediate Attention

Nursing home residents may develop sepsis. If your loved one has symptoms of sepsis, she should be transferred to a hospital immediately. In addition to antibiotics, your loved one may benefit from extra fluids, corticosteroids, breathing assistance, dialysis, and other sepsis treatments.

As you seek to protect your loved one’s health, it is also essential to protect her legal rights. Find out why she contracted sepsis, and, if appropriate, bring legal action to protect your recovery.

No one should suffer from sepsis because of nursing home negligence. If this happened to your loved one, please contact our experienced nursing home sepsis attorneys today for a free and confidential consultation about your loved one’s rights and possible recovery.