Nursing Home Residents With ALS at Risk for Abuse and Neglect

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abused or neglected Kentucky nursing home residents with ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects the brain and spinal cord nerve cells. This degenerative condition impacts communication between the brain and muscles. People with ALS may lose the ability to move, speak, eat, and even breathe without assistance. ALS can occur at any age and is most often diagnosed between the ages of 40-70. The condition progresses rapidly and is always fatal. The average life expectancy is just two to five years, and some of that time may be spent in a nursing home where the resident is dependent on nursing home staff for everything. So, what can be done when nursing home residents with ALS is abused or neglected? Keep reading to find out.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If a person with ALS is in a nursing home that does not adequately screen and monitor its employees, the resident could be at risk of suffering the following:

  • Sexual Abuse: Since nursing home residents with ALS tend to be younger than many other nursing home residents, sexual abuse is of particular concern. Victims can experience both physical and psychological injuries.
  • Dehydration or Malnutrition: Nursing home residents with ALS may be unable to feed themselves. Some residents may be unable to chew or swallow. Nursing home staff should have a plan to make sure each resident receives adequate hydration and nutrition.
  • Bedsores: People with ALS may need help moving. If nursing home staff fail to help the resident change position and fail to watch for early warning signs of bedsores, pressure ulcers may develop.
  • Broken Bones or Other Physical Injuries: Nursing home residents who are left unattended for long periods of time, who fall, or who are intentionally abused may suffer broken bones, bruises, and other physical injuries.

In some cases, nursing home abuse or neglect can be fatal to residents with ALS.

Speak Up If Your Loved One Is a Nursing Home Resident With ALS That’s Been Injured

ALS is a tragic condition that changed the course of your loved one’s life. Your loved one deserved to live with dignity and receive necessary care in a nursing home. If nursing home staff failed to provide reasonable care, and your loved one was hurt or killed, our Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers are here to help you. Call us any time—24/7/365—or complete our online contact form below to have us contact you for a free, no-obligation consultation.