The Latest News about Brain Injuries Kentuckians Need to Know

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Brain damage, even mild concussions or blows to the head that don’t technically result in concussions, may be more significant than once thought, according to new studies. Recent research indicates that repeated blows to the head or one mild concussion can result in lasting changes to the brain.

What the Studies Found

One of the recent studies was published in the journal, Radiology. In that study, researchers examined differences in the brains of people who had suffered concussions and people who had not suffered concussions. Researchers found that people who suffered just one concussion could have measurable brain atrophy and brain injury symptoms that lasted for more than one year after an accident.

Another recent brain injury study looked at what happened to football players who suffered repeated blows to the head, but no concussions. Researchers in that study found that players who suffered repeated blows to the head had higher levels of a bloodstream protein that is typically associated with brain injuries, such as concussions. In other words, their brains may have been affected, even absent a formal diagnosis of concussion or brain injury.

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