Posted on June 29, 2013

If you have cerebral palsy (CP) it’s got to be difficult sometimes to take advice and scolding from your Louisville doctors who don’t have the condition. How could they understand you? Their muscles do what they are told to do.

Would you be able to follow what a doctor with CP says?

Who Could Understand You Better?

Dr. Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez has cerebral palsy. According to, her early experiences with doctors convinced her that she wanted to become a doctor, too, although she didn’t originally want to specialize in CP patients.

“I didn’t want to be surrounded by more of me,” Brunstrom-Hernandez said. “I didn’t feel good about myself because of my disability,” she added.

A Change of Heart

Her intentions changed, however, after talking with Dr. Mike Noetzel of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He pointed out that she had good ideas and that people with CP would be more likely to listen to her, given that she shared their condition. Noetzel encouraged her to open a cerebral palsy clinic.

In May 1998, Brunstrom-Hernandez opened the Cerebral Palsy Center in St. Louis. The center is unique because it treats only patients with CP—no other neurological disorders. People of all ages and from throughout the world travel to the center for treatment. About 2,000 have been treated at the center since its opening.

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