What Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Victims Can Do for Their Families

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You know that your parent, or other loved one, didn’t do anything to deserve being abused in a Kentucky nursing home. You love your parent, and you just want to help her get the recovery that she deserves. You are not at all concerned with any inconvenience it might cause you, but your parent is reluctant to pursue legal action because she doesn’t want to be a burden.

Convince Her That Protecting Her Rights Is the Right Thing for Your Whole Family​

Instead of reassuring your parent that she is not a burden, explain the potential family benefits of filing a Kentucky nursing home abuse case. For example, if your parent files a nursing home abuse case, then she may:

  • Be showing the younger generations, including your children, the importance of sticking up for oneself. She may show the children, teenagers, and young adults that there is no shame in being a victim and that victims have the right to seek justice.
  • Protect the family’s money. If your parent has been the victim of financial abuse or suffered the financial consequences of physical abuse or neglect, then she may help protect the family’s money by pursuing a recovery from the people responsible for the injury.
  • Give everyone peace of mind. You may all take comfort in the fact that the parent is not a victim.

Other, more personal, benefits may also apply.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Nursing Home?

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