What Older Kentucky TBI Victims Need to Know Now

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There are many things that are different for older people than younger people. Things such as a common cold or flu can be significantly harder to recover from as a senior citizen, and the same may be true for more significant conditions such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

6 Things You Should Know If You, or a Loved One, Suffer a TBI Later in Life

Recent research indicates that older people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries may:

  1. Have poorer health than those who do not suffer this type of injury.
  2. Be more likely to receive medical attention for depression than those without brain injuries.
  3. Be more likely to have a gait disorder, suffer from a fall, or have other gross motor problems than those without brain injuries.
  4. Have a higher mortality rate in the first five years after a traumatic brain injury than people under the age of 55.
  5. Benefit from ongoing disease management model primary care to prevent premature death.
  6. Have shorter hospital stays and receive fewer rehabilitation hours than younger TBI patients.

Researchers concluded that more information is needed about traumatic brain injuries after age 65.

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