What the FDA Has to Say About Byetta Pancreatic Cancer

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As of December 2013, the FDA has not definitely linked Byetta and pancreatic cancer. The agency has not required a new warning for the diabetes drug, nor has a recall been issued. However, it is important not to mistake the lack of warnings or recalls as proof that there no link between Byetta and pancreatic cancer.

The FDA’s Looking Into it

In March 2013, the FDA issued a safety communication indicating that it was looking into unpublished reports that found a possible link between Byetta and pancreatitis, and Byetta and pre-cancerous changes in the pancreas.  At that time, the FDA advised patients and their physicians to report adverse events to the FDA, but did not advise patients to stop taking Byetta. In August 2013, the FDA announced that six post-marketing studies were being conducted to look into issues including any connection between Byetta and pancreatic cancer.

You May Need to Look Into it Too

If you, or a loved one, has developed pancreatic cancer while taking Byetta to treat diabetes then you may need to look into the possible links between Byetta and pancreatic cancer too. However, you do not need to do it alone, nor do you have to wait for the FDA to do it for you. Instead, you have the right to contact a Kentucky Byetta pancreatic cancer lawyer who can advise you of your rights and possible recovery.

You may be able to join a mass tort action and protect your legal rights for any harm that has been done to you. Please contact us today for a free case evaluation if you believe that you may have developed Byetta pancreatic cancer.