When You Think About It, Kentucky, Life Is Truly a Circle

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If one lives a full life and dies in old age, life does resemble a circle. Think about it.

When we are born, we are helpless—completely dependent on others for our care. Someone feeds us when we’re hungry, changes our diaper when we eliminate, and takes care of us when we are sick. We are carried around and pushed in a stroller.

Day by day, we become more independent. Our early attempts at feeding ourselves leave more mess on our faces and on the table, but we become more coordinated. We start to walk clumsily, then get faster and more confident. We learn how to use the toilet (a day when our parents rejoice). Eventually, we start helping with chores. And then, we begin school.

For a while, we learn so much so quickly. Then we hit our teens, and we think we know it all and are invincible. Our bodies are strong and our minds are sharp. We finish our education and begin a career and, perhaps, a family.

As we pursue our careers and watch our children grow, we get to about halfway around the circle. Our bodies begin to rebel against the activities we used to love, and we start to slow down.

Eventually, we need assistance with chores (like a child does), then with getting around (like a young child does), then with the daily activities of life, such as eating and dressing (like an infant does). When our life is over, the circle is complete.

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