Why Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Is Underreported

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While millions of cases of nursing home abuse are reported around the country, it is estimated that reported abuses are only a small percentage of all the neglect. The reasons for underreporting nursing home abuse cases are complicated and varied. The federal government, the Kentucky state government, and other organizations are continuously working to improve reporting and protect nursing home residents.

But Reporting May Come Down to You (and Others Like You)

While the government, non-profits, and advocacy organizations are working hard to improve reporting, change will ultimately come if more individual reporters begin making official reports.

Do not be intimated. Do not worry about possible repercussions or about making incorrect allegations. Instead, if you have a reasonable suspicion that your loved one, or another nursing home resident is being physically, emotionally, sexually, or financially abused, the time to act is right now. 

Make the Report and Help Your Loved One

Your loved one cannot begin to get help, and nursing home staff cannot be held liable for their actions if the actions are not reported. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities and an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Louisville today to learn more about how to make an official report.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Nursing Home?

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