A Louisville doctor misdiagnosed my daughter’s Type 1 diabetes and now she’s in a coma. He obviously should have known better, right?

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While your doctor should have been able to correctly diagnose the condition, it is unfortunately quite common for healthcare providers to misdiagnose diabetes. They may even get so far as to tell parents that their child had high or low blood sugar, but fail to correctly identify diabetes as the cause.


Here are just a few conditions that doctors have given as alternative diagnoses to Type 1 diabetes:


  • Pancreatitis. Patients who experience nausea or vomiting after eating may be misdiagnosed with inflammation of the pancreas, or pancreatitis. Even those who are diagnosed correctly with pancreatitis are at risk of a missed diabetes diagnosis, since chronic pancreatitis can lead to diabetes later in life.
  • Cancer. A misreading of your blood tests could cause a doctor to think you are suffering from glucagonoma, a form of cancer that affects the endocrine system and pancreas.
  • Genetic diseases. A presence of sugar in the urine can cause genetic disorder misdiagnosis, such as fructosuria (excess fructose sugar) or xylulosuria (excess xylulose sugar).
  • Type 2 diabetes. Even when doctors correctly identify diabetes, they may be mistaken as to which type it is, causing victims to suffer unnecessary or ineffective treatment.


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