Are nursing homes considered medical facilities?

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In the state of Kentucky, a nursing home is absolutely considered a medical or health care facility. According to the state statute KRS 216.510, a nursing home facility is considered a long-term care facility and is subject to inspections, monitoring, licensing, and certification by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Division of Health Care. Other examples of long-term medical facilities under this statute include: 

  • family care homes;
  • personal care homes;
  • intermediate care facilities;
  • skilled nursing facilities; and
  • intermediate facilities for the developmentally or intellectually disabled. The Division of Health Care also performs investigations in the event long-term facility or nursing home care is reported to be abusive or negligent. In addition, the division also provides Medicaid and Medicare certification for these facilities.


As a state-mandated long-term care facility, nursing homes are also subject to the Kentucky Long-term Care Ombudsman program. This program utilizes 80 volunteer healthcare advocates to ensure the proper care of residents in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities across Kentucky. 

These volunteers regularly visit state facilities to monitor the conditions and care provided to the patients. Specifically, ombudsmen attempt to recognize and recommend changes within facilities; identify, investigate, and resolve resident complaints; protect the rights of residents and patients; and serve as a resource for residents on long-term care facilities. 

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